Smart Roadster Softtop ARMS BACK
Smart Roadster Softtop ARMS BACK
Smart Roadster Softtop ARMS BACK
Smart Roadster Softtop ARMS BACK

Smart Roadster Softtop ARMS BACK

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The Smart Roadster Softtop ARMS BACK


So that your soft top runs smoothly again and closes properly

These roof gliders are the solution for a Smart Roadster soft top that does not open and close properly, does not reach the final position completely, does not run smoothly or finally does not lock correctly.
In this case, the old gliders are often broken and in the worst case, the glide brackets are broken out, causing further damage and annoying noises in the long run.
By replacing the original gliders to this revised set, the roof of your Roadster is again optimally guided, finally runs smoothly again, locks completely and lasts better and longer in the future.


The advantages of this nylon roof gliders:

  • Your soft top works properly again
  • More stable and durable gliders due to improved nylon material


The optimized design and continuous material improvement make these gliders ideal tools to get your Smart Roadster soft top back in shape!


Scope of delivery:

  • All rear softtop arms (see pictures)


These roof gliders are compatible with:

  • All Smart Roadster Softtops




The installation and removal of these special nylon roof gliders accordingly requires complete removal of the entire Roadster soft top. We strongly recommend to have this repair done in a professional workshop. For damage caused during roof removal & installation, as well as during the replacement of the gliders, we are not liable and we also assume no costs!