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Frequently asked questions:

Spare parts

Whether gears, covers or functional parts - almost all geometries are reproducible through 3D printing. The spare parts should normally not be larger than 20cm x 20cm x 30cm, otherwise this may have to be split into several parts.

From plastic, to rubber, to metal, everything is possible to produce using the 3D printing technology. At CARLAYERS, we specialize in plastics, from very flexible rubbers to fiber-reinforced high-performance plastics, as these can be significantly lighter than metal, but with the same stability.

We ship all our spare parts and components with DHL. Therefore, all shipments are also traceable and insured.


Ideally, the spare part to be reproduced is available as a sample. We then scan this, model it digitally and then produce it using 3D printing. If no sample is available, we can also create precise reproductions based on photos and sketches.

The costs of a reproduction depend on the complexity of the spare part, whether it is an individual reproduction or can possibly be further distributed via our store, which materials are used, etc. An average spare part, with a size of 10cm x 10cm x 10cm, which we can then include in our online store, can be realized in this way for a price of only 30€ excl.

If a sample is available, we usually need one week for the reproduction of a first prototype. If no sample is available or the shape of the object is extremely complex, the process can take up to two weeks.