Vom Entwurf zur Realität: Die Neukonstruktion der Bowdenzug-Befestigung für den VW T5

From design to reality: The new design of the Bowden cable attachment for the VW T5

Recently available in our shop: The new Bowden cable attachment for the VW T5 Bulli. Check out our journey from design to finished replacement part.

A well-known problem has arisen in the world of VW T5 Bullis: The Bowden cable fastening in the driver and passenger doors breaks over time, which means that the interior controls of both doors no longer work properly. The original construction is complicated to repair and has some weak points. For this reason, we decided to redesign the Bowden cable attachment from scratch.

Step 1: 3D scan the passenger door interior panel

To begin our work, we almost always perform a 3D scan of the affected assembly site. This allows us to obtain the exact dimensions, know the space available for the spare part and make the best use of the environment for fastening and fixing the new part.

Step 2: The construction

CARLAYERS 3D scan passenger door of the VW T5 Bulli with newly designed Bowden cable fastening

CARLAYERS offset 3D scan passenger door of the VW T5 Bulli with newly designed Bowden cable fastening

Based on the 3D scan, we develop an initial draft for the replacement part. In this case we had the following requirements in mind:

  1. A stable device that works reliably over the long term.
  2. The design of the device should make installation as easy as possible.

The result of our design was a design that is screwed together via two fixation points and is additionally supported and stabilized with an external load bearing.

Step 3: Prototype production

CARLAYERS prototype of a newly designed Bowden cable attachment for the VW T5 Bulli

Of course, we need an initial prototype to put our design to the test. After 3D printing the prototype, we discovered that some areas of the geometry still needed to be reworked. After these adjustments, we manufactured a second prototype that could be installed and used with a perfect fit.

Step 4: Series production of the Bowden cable attachment

CARLAYERS product image of the finished Bowden cable attachment for the VW T5 Bulli

As soon as the construction of the spare part is completed, we will of course offer it in our online shop. This way we can provide a unique solution to car enthusiasts who face the same problem. Nobody has to go through a lengthy search for the right spare part anymore. In addition, we can keep the costs of reconstruction and reproduction low, which also makes it worthwhile for those who commission us to produce them.

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